The Virgin Nativity Cathedral

Altar, under the Window

Dionisy's frescoes. Altar, under the Window

In the medallion (57 cm in diameter) there is a flower-leaf ornament. The geometrical pattern of the ornament is built of four circumferences of half the medallion diameter symmetrically positioned around its centre on perpendicular axes. In the centre the intersecting arcs form a “flower” with four “petals” each of which contains a light-green (glauconite) “leaf” with one wavy edge (in the upper “leaves” facing each other, in the bottom ones – vice versa) and shading at the base (by the centre of the circumference) along its straight side. In the circumferences are hardly discernible light grey traces of wavy edges with a “pea” at the top. Outside the circumferences there are spreading fan-shaped yellow (ochre) “flowers” with wavy edges by the medallion border and dark bases. There are traces of the medallion borders: wide (3.5 cm) between two thin ones and white (white chalk ground) in between. In the centre of the medallion there is a trace of the leg of a compass. Light green cloth folds are painted over the ornament. Condition: there is a wide (up to 6 cm) diagonal crack across the medallion, partially strengthened; thin cracks, mechanical damage. Complete loss of the background and pigments of the ornament except for the green “petals” in the centre and the yellow “flowers”; considerable loss of the cloth folds. Conservation: 2004, restorer E.M.Christie.