The Virgin Nativity Cathedral

The Southern Wall, the Second to the West of the Doors

Dionisy's frescoes. The Southern Wall, the Second to the West of the Doors

In the medallion (75 cm in diameter) there is a flower-leaf ornament against a light grey background. The geometrical pattern of the ornament is built of circular arcs of the medallion diameter with the foci on its circumference. The ornament in the upper half of the medallion is almost indiscernible: three broad “petals” touching the medallion circumference and divided inside into different elements with slashes of the background with wavy outlines, three large “volutes” and “peas” at the ends. The ornament elements in the bottom half of the medallion retain traces of blue (azurite) and red (cinnabar in shading) pigments. In between the broad “petals” by the medallion circumference are three yellow (ochre) fan-shaped spreading “flowers” with wavy edges facing the circumference and light brown shading of the bases. All the colour elements of the ornament including the wide border (3 cm) between the two thin ones have a white outline (white chalk ground). In the centre of the medallion and on its circumference there are traces of the leg of a compass. Condition: damaged white chalk ground all over the medallion, strengthened loss of the white chalk ground (9x6 cm) in the bottom half; complete loss of pigments in the ornament, partially preserved background and ochre in the fan-shaped “flowers”. Complete loss of the cloth folds crossing the ornament. Conservation: 1995 (?)