The Virgin Nativity Cathedral

The Southern Wall, the First to the East of the Doors

Dionisy's frescoes. The Southern Wall, the First to the East of the Doors

In the medallion (75 cm in diameter) there is a flower-leaf ornament against a grey background. The central circle of the medallion is divided into equal quarters by perpendicular diameter lines. There is a “flower” inscribed in each quarter with a wavy edge along the circumference. Inside the “flower”, from the centre of the medallion outwards, there branch off, curling in different directions, veins of the background with wavy edges and “peas” at the ends. On all the “flowers’ there are scattered traces of light ochre with brown pigments and cinnabar. All the colour elements of the ornament including the wide border (3.2-4 cm) between the two thin ones have a white outline (white chalk ground). In the centre of the medallion there is a trace of the leg of a compass. Light green cloth folds are painted over the ornament. A thin groove on the upper edge of the bottom left flower and a short fragment of a line a little below, along the medallion circumference. Condition: in the upper right quarter four strengthened losses of the white chalk ground (from 2.5x1.5 to 4x3 cm) with a wrought nail in one of them; nearly complete loss of all pigments including the cloth folds. No conservation work has been carried out.