The Virgin Nativity Cathedral

The Northwestern Pillar, the Northern Facet

Dionisy's frescoes. The Northwestern Pillar, the Northern Facet

In the medallion (75 cm in diameter) there is a flower-leaf motif against a grey-black background. The geometric pattern of the ornament is built by circular arcs of the medallion diameter with the four foci on the circumference dividing it into four equal parts. The intersecting, arcs form a four-petal flower. The wide “petals” with wavy edges are of the same colour: the top left and the bottom right petals are emerald green, the rest are yellow ochre (with traces of red). In the centre of each “petal” along its length the background shows through and expands curving near the circumference of the medallion. Between the “petals” are equilateral yellow fan-shaped “leaves” with three rounded cavities through which the background is seen. The bases are shaded dark in the centre of the medallion. All the colour elements of the ornament including the wide border (3.5 cm) between the two thin ones have a white outline (white chalk ground). In the centre of the medallion there is a trace of the leg of a compass. Light-green cloth folds are painted over the ornament. Condition: a strengthened vertical crack in the right part of the medallion; initial destruction of the white chalk ground all over the medallion, major loss of pigments of the ornament and cloth folds; the ochre is better preserved in the lower fan-leaf . Conservation: 1997, restorer O.V.Lelekova; 1998, restorer O.M.Revin.