The Virgin Nativity Cathedral
Section of Central Crosswise Nave. East View

Saint Grand Prince Vladimir and Martyr Eustathius Placidus

Dionisy's frescoes. Saint Grand Prince Vladimir and Martyr Eustathius Placidus

(† 1015), holy equal-to-the-apostles grand prince, baptizer of Rus, baptized as Vassily, son of Svyatoslav Igorevich and Malusha, the house-keeper of princess Olga. From 969 the Grand Prince of Novgorod, from 980 the Grand Prince of Kiev. He conquered vyatiches, radimiches, and yatviges and fought pechenegs, the Volga Bulgaria, Byzantium and Poland, contributed to the elevation and flourish of the Russian state. Under Vladimir defensive constructions and stone buildings were built, Kiev was newly fortified. In 988, he was baptized in Korsun (according to another version - in Kiev) and introduced Christianity as the official religion in Rus. Feast day: 15 (28) July.

great martyr, captain of the Guards of the emperor Adrian, was called Placidus before he was baptized with the name of Eustathius. In a revelation Christ foretold that Eustathius like Job would undergo severe troubles but God would not leave him. Shortly after he lost his house and fortune and fled Egypt, his wife was kidnapped by pirates and his son was carried off by wild animals. Fifteen years later the family reunited, but for the refusal to worship idols Eustathius, his wife and children were thrown alive on a red-hot copper ox. Feast day: 20 September (3 October).