The Virgin Nativity Cathedral
Section of Central Crosswise Nave. East View

Martyrs Sergios and Bakkhos

Dionisy's frescoes. Martyrs Sergios and Bakkhos

Holy martyrs, high officials who were martyred under the emperor Maximilian (around 300 A.D). For their refusal to make pagan sacrifice Maximilian ordered them to be dressed in female clothes and led through the city with iron chains round their necks to be mocked by the people. Then he sent Sergios and Bakkhos to the ruler of the eastern Syria Antioch. Bakkhos was scourged to death and Sergios was shod with iron shoes inset with nails and sent him off from Sura to Resafa, 20 versts away, where he was beheaded. Feast day: 7 (20) October.