The Virgin Nativity Cathedral
Section of Central Crosswise Nave. East View

St. Thomas the Maleian (?) and St. Ephimius the Great (?)

Dionisy's frescoes. St. Thomas the Maleian (?) and St. Ephimius the Great (?)

St. Thomas the Maleian (?)
(on the left)
(10th century) is a saint who prior to taking monastic vows was a well-known military commander though his heart searched God. Having taken the tonsure he went to a wilderness where he received a revelation from prophet Elijah and withdrew to Mount Maleia (east of Mount Athos). His life and deeds attracted people who looked for spiritual guidance and miraculous healing of their ailments. Feast day: 7 (20) July.

Euthimy the Great (?)
saint from Melitina, was brought up by the bishop of the Melitinian Church. He took monastic vows and was ordained senior priest governing all town monasteries. At the age of 30 he secretly went to Jerusalem and withdrew to the Faransk Monastery where he settled in a remote hut outside the monastery walls (Armenia). Shortly afterwards, a monastic community formed there and Euphimius the Great became the confessor. He baptized a great number of Arabs, performed miraculous healings. Hiding from fame he withdrew to a desert where he lived in King David’s cave and founded a monastery and later another lavra. For his ascetic life and the firm Orthodox faith he acquired the attribute Great. Feast day: 20 January (2 February).