The Virgin Nativity Cathedral
Section of Eastern Crosswise Nave. East View

Protection of Mother of God (Intercession)

Dionisy's frescoes. Protection of Mother of God (Intercession)

A representation of a miraculous apparition of the Theotokos at the Blachernae Palace Church in Constantinople in the mid 10th century. According to the hagiography of St. Andrew who saw and showed her to his disciple Epiphanius (on the right), during the all-night vigil the Mother of God took off her veil and spread it over all people praying in church as a protection from visible and invisible enemies. In the foreground to the left there is the celebrated Byzantine hymnographer St. Roman the Melodist with a scroll that contains words of the relevant kontakion “Today the Virgin stands in the midst of the Church and with choirs of saints she invisibly prays to God for us. Angels and bishops worship, apostles and prophets rejoice together, since for our sake she prays to the pre-eternal God”.
The feast of the Intercession is celebrated on 1(14) October.