The Virgin Nativity Cathedral
Section of Central Lengthwise Nave. North View

Saint Euphosynia and Martyr Anastasia

Dionisy's frescoes. Saint Euphosynia and Martyr Anastasia

lived in the 5th century in Alexandria, came from a noble family. She secretly took the veil and disguised in a male dress worked in a male monastery. She spent 38 years in labour and prayer in her solitary cell. Before her death she revealed her secret to her grieving father. In her memory, Euphrasynia (1212-1250), princess of Suzdal, the elder daughter of Mikhail of Chernigov became a nun. Feast day: 25 September (8 October).

holy martyr, a Roman by birth, daughter of rich parents, was brought up by a Christian mother and Christian teacher Chrisogenes with whom she corresponded during her life. Anastasia married a Roman pagan, but under the pretext of a contrived illness she preserved her virginity although she had to go to prison. When her husband died and she was free, she devoted her life to imprisoned Christians (hence the nickname the Alleviatrix-of-Captives). She suffered a martyr’s death under the emperor Diocletian. Feast day: 22 December (4 January).