The Virgin Nativity Cathedral
Section of Central Lengthwise Nave. North View

Sts. Theodora and Martyr Thekla

Dionisy's frescoes. Sts. Theodora and Martyr Thekla

one of the three saints of the same name

Theodora of Soluncia
(9th century). She took the veil together with her daughter after her husband’s death, worked miracles not only during her lifetime but also after her death (Feast day: 5 (18) April);

Theodora of Caesarea
(8th century), took the veil under the emperor Leo the Isaurian. Fleeing from marriage, she spent all her life in the monastery in ardent prayer and exploits. Feast day: 30 December (12 January);

Theodora Tsargrad
(10th century), who having become a widow, took the veil and lived under the guidance of St. Basil the New to the ripe old age. She died in 940. Feast day: 30 December (12 January).

holy martyr, equal-to-the-apostles, disciple of apostle Paul. A daughter of rich and noble parents came from Iconium. For her refusal to marry a resident of Antioch, Thekla was thrown to wild animals but remained unharmed. Having received freedom she ran away to Seleucia and spread Christian teachings there. Feast day: 24 September (8 October).