The Virgin Nativity Cathedral
Section of Central Lengthwise Nave. North View

Teaching of St. Gregory the Theologian

Dionisy's frescoes. Teaching of St. Gregory the Theologian

Gregory the Theologian or Nazianzus
(329-389), archbishop of Constantinople, fellow of St. Basil the Great: he ascetisized alongside him and asked for his counsel. At the request of his father, priest Gregory Nazianzus Senior he was ordained presbyter and then took the cathedra of the bishop of Nazianzos in Asia Minor. In 378 the Antioch Council invited Gregory to the patriarch throne to lead the struggle against heresies. An excellent preacher, poet and prose writer, Gregory the Theologian composed numerous works: discourses, epistles, interpretations, hymns, verses that deal with the essence of the Trinity. . There survived 45 sermons, autobiographical poems About my life and About sufferings of my soul. Feast day: 25 January (7 February). He is also depicted in the altar on the southern wall, the first from window.