The Virgin Nativity Cathedral
Section of Central Lengthwise Nave. South View

Martyrs Paraskeva and Theodoulia (?)

Dionisy's frescoes. Martyrs Paraskeva and Theodoulia (?)

Saint martyr, daughter of rich and pious parents, who especially venerated the day of the Passions of Christ, Friday and therefore named her daughter Paraskeva (in Greek ‘Friday’). From her youth she lead an ascetic life. During the persecution of Christians under Diocletian she was taken to court to the ruler of the province. When she refused to give up her faith, she was cruelly tortured and beheaded. Feast day: 29 October (10 November).

Theodoulia (?)
Saint martyr who lived in Anazarua and martyred under the reign of the Roman emperors Maximilian and Diocletian. The servants of the cruel ruler of the city Pelagios searched and brought Christians to him for trial. When she was tortured, she miraculously remained unharmed, thus converting the witnesses of her miracles into Christians. She was burnt together with the newly converted Makarios and Euagrios. Feast day: 5(18) February.